Dr. Nikki Cohen

The Truth About Kegels

The Mind-Blowing, Must-Know Truth About Kegels

Get your FREE guide book about what to do when kegels don't work for bladder issues, incontinence, or better sex.

  • Learn what conventional medicine might not be telling you about why kegels are not always the answer to your female issues.
  • Understand how your body works "down there."
  • Know what you can do today to finally be free of painful sex and bladder issues — no kegels required!
  • What kegels really are and why knowing the truth about kegels is critical for your health.

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"I really enjoyed reading this! It clarified how kegels work and how they don’t necessarily work!”


"This guidebook is super valuable AND beautiful!"


"I can't imagine where I'd be without this book. Thank you so much for making such a valuable resource available for free."

Dr. Nikki Cohen

Hi, I'm Dr. Nikki! 


With over a decade of experience as a Doctor of Physical Therapy and passionate Women's Health Advocate, I've seen the gap in women's healthcare first hand. I wrote The Truth About Kegels for you.

You deserve to be informed and empowered about your health, armed with all the information you need about your body. Your health matters!

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