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You're ready for satisfaction.

You did what you were told. Lived how you were supposed to. Followed the rules and ate with your elbows off the table. But now that you're older, wiser, and ready to live life you way — you're just not sure what that means yet or how to figure it out. It's time to experience The Cohen Code.

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through a deep and uplifting journey of self-discovery, love, and connection to other like-minded women.

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in who you are, what you want, and how you live your life, regardless of old-ways or the opinions of the patriarchy.

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that comes from bravely stepping out of your comfort zone and into empowering experiences that turn on the light within you.

The Cohen Code is a live experience of self-discovery,
love, connection, and growth
for women seeking a higher
quality of life through empowerment and healing.

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“Dr. Nikki’s work is like no other I’ve ever experienced. I could feel myself shifting ever so gently under her subtle but somehow profound guidance. I could sense releases in my tissues and muscles. Meanwhile I was floating on a cloud. Fully amazing.”
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"Dr. Nikki’s gentle techniques and mind body awareness discussions really helped me see the bigger picture. I've also re-discovered my love for dance and I couldn’t be happier!"
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"Dr. Nikki’s touch is life changing. She is a kind and warm person with a gentle touch. She is a true expert at what she does."
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"Dr. Nikki is patient and great at listening to you and your body. Her knowledge Is incredible and I love listening to her talk about the inter-connectedness of everything. She really is a magic worker!"

There is a magic to your womanhood that only you can know — and it's ready to be set free.

Meet your guide, Dr. Nikki


With over a decade of experience as a Doctor of Physical Therapy and a passionate Women's Health Advocate, when Dr. Nikki Cohen saw the gap in women's healthcare firsthand, she just had to do something about it.

By making essential information about your health and body, accessible online, creating safe spaces to grow and bond through your feminine power, and continuing to provide one on one patient care, Dr. Nikki has elevated women's care to a whole new level.

You deserve to be informed, respected, and empowered about your health regardless of your age, gender, race, sexual orientation, or medical history. That's why with Dr. Nikki: your health matters!

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There is a magic to your womanhood that only you can know — and it's ready to be set free.

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The Joy & Connection
Every Woman Deserves

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